About me

My goal is to make it challenging choosing between so many great headshots. I’m an actor, PR manager and photographer. My personality is the perfect blend of fun, relaxed and professional. For business executives and other professionals, this means I’m an expert in engaging you to capture your best self to ensure you represent the brand you want to convey. For actors, it means I understand what industry professionals want to see in your headshots and know how to capture headshots that work at a national level.

My approach

Nobody likes having their headshots done. We feel our most vulnerable and insecure when we are having pictures taken of us. Jeremy Bustin Photography offers a premium headshot experience that rivals that of some of the best headshot photographers from NY and LA. I do not operate as a headshot machine and limit my sessions to two clients per day, with few exceptions. This ensures that I’m able to deliver an experience that’s relaxing, fun, unique, creative and helps achieve your specific goals with the highest quality results. It also means there’s no crunch for time.


“I will be recommending Jeremy to friends and family. He has a 5 star average for a reason, do not look further if you’re looking for amazing headshots!”

- Esther

“He has an "eye" capturing the perfect photos! He pays close attention to detail, thinking outside of the box and he makes sure you feel comfortable in-front of the camera!”

- Rickaya

“Hunter has had 6 auditions and booked a major commercial since we shot with you three weeks ago. It's definitely your headshots since his auditions were dry the last year.”

- Dawn (Mom)

“It’s the most comfortable I’ve ever felt during a studio session; All the smiles in my photos were genuine and the photos were PHENOMENAL!! I want Jeremy to take my photos forever.”

- Jonel

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