before the shoot

Where are you located?

My studio is at 2910 W Moore Street next to Moore Street Café. The “Stuff” art store is in the front.


Bring clothes you love and feel comfortable in. You may think it’s too busy or distracting. Bring it anyway!

Make sure what you bring fits you well and doesn’t hang loose or sag. Casting directors and agents want to see your physique in some of the shots. We have a steamer, but it’s best to bring clothes on hangers.

The Essentials

• Plain t-shirts in black, gray, white (v-necks work best, but bring a few crew necks as well for layering)
• Variety of tank tops and athletic wear
• Different options for high and open necklines
• Jacket options (denims, chambrays, hoodie jackets, blazers, leather, sporty, traditional, pea coats, outdoorsy, shirt jackets, trucker jackets, military, etc.)
• Jewelry is okay as long as it’s not clunky or distracting
• Watches, bracelets, etc. if we are doing full length or ¾ shots for marketing/social images
• Pants or shorts with pockets to play with during the shoot (So important!)
• Women should also bring a variety of well-fitting bras
• Chapstick

Wardrobe Suggestions for Commercial Headshots

• Bright, fun patterns and prints (go crazy here, I’ll rein you in)
• Colorful graphic tees
• Pastel palette shirts in various necklines
• Denim and lighter jackets
• Glasses with lenses popped out
• Jewelry that complements the character
• Wacky tie or bowtie option
• Other fun accessories and clothing, like suspenders, overalls, etc.

Wardrobe Suggestions for Theatrical Headshots

• Subdued neutral colors (blacks, creams, olive greens, dark red, charcoal, slate and dark grays)
• Denims and chambrays
• Suits with and without solid ties (vests are also okay)
• Vintage or worn clothes
• Moody graphic tees (band tees, movie tees, etc.)
• Plaids
• Cozy Sweater
• Turtlenecks
• Cardigans


Men: Solids work best, but checked shirts can give a more contemporary look. Bring a few jackets, variety of ties, shoes, accessories (watches, etc.). I recommend bringing some casual options as well and a nice pair of jeans. We can shoot headshots, 3/4 shots and full body shots. You never know when you might need a new professionally shot personal image for social, apps, etc.

Women: Bring a variety of necklines, jewelry, shoes and other accessories. Casual options are also great. We can shoot headshots, 3/4 shots and full body shots.

is a deposit required?

Due to the number of actors who want to work with me, and to ensure people don’t cancel their sessions, I require a non-refundable deposit of $100 when you book your session. This holds your time. You are able to reschedule as many times as you want within 48 hours of the appointment time.

Ready to begin?