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Atlanta Professionals Turn to Jeremy Bustin for Their Headshots.


Does The Thought Of New Headshots Or Portraits Stress You Out?

I know many people get stressed out about being in front of the camera. We’ve all had that awkward or uncomfortable "picture day" experience at school or work. Let me first set you at ease. There’s nothing to be intimidated or stressed out about. I'm not going to rush you out in 15 or 20 minutes. That’s barely enough time to finish a coffee, much less to achieve great headshots that will represent your professional or personal brand.

My professional headshot sessions are a comfortable and fun experience. We will take our time, listen to great music, try different wardrobes and looks, have a drink (or two), and capture some amazing headshots you can be proud to show the world.

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I’m a public relations and brand expert who will guide you every step of the way to bring out your unique personality and capture your essence in every professional headshot. My background in executive coaching and media training, coupled with my expertise in photography, will ensure your headshots tell the right story.


Let me coach you to incredible professional headshots.

Select Wardrobe

Bring lots of options. We'll use the best ones for your goals.

Get Directed

We'll work on a range of expressions for your professional headshots.

Review Images

We'll review images as we go. Pay only for the ones you want.

Show the World

Download your images in a variety of crops and sizes.


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Express Yourself.


Our Brookhaven studio is conveniently located just off I-85 and offers more than 60 options for your headshots, from hand-painted, textured backdrops for an elevated look, to eye-catching colorful and fun backgrounds.


"He made me feel so confident and helped with my facial expressions. I have never loved a headshot of me smiling until now."


“I left there feeling so confident and that can be shown in the beautiful pictures he took."


"He is hands down one of the best to do it and his work shows for it. I will travel across the country to make sure that Jeremy takes my headshots."


"You will absolutely not be disappointed with his kindness, his humor and his professionalism. He wants to see you win and I felt that."

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You need images that convey your aspirations and show people how serious you are about your work. Taking photos of yourself is fine for Instagram – not for your career.

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Your headshots should tell stories. Expression and tone are critical to achieve professional headshots. Book more auditions with headshots aligned to your brand.

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Employers and clients are looking at your LinkedIn profile. Show yourself as confident and genuine, and engage more people.

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