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Business pros and actors can click below to schedule a professional headshot session in my Brookhaven studio. Hair and makeup available.

Do you want an average headshot or one that generates results?

If you want to go from this...

...to Amazing

Say goodbye to awkward, boring and uncomfortable. Pamper yourself with a premium, comfortable and fun headshot session and walk away with amazing headshots and portraits.

My clients work at:

You'll look your best with my modern, crisp, premium lighting.

What’s different about headshots with Jeremy Bustin?

⦿ Prep Guide and Optional Consultation

⦿ Tailored Session

⦿ Unlimited Wardrobe Changes

⦿ Unlimited Session Time

⦿ Unlimited Background Options

⦿ Endless Possibilities

⦿ Stress-free Environment

⦿ Fun, Organic Process

⦿ Headshots and Portraits You Love

+ Your Favorite Drinks are Always Available!

You'll get more than just professional headshots.

You will get a total transformation and have a fun time. You can opt for hair and makeup services to unleash your inner diva or rockstar or skip them if you’re already feeling fabulous. All you need to do is bring your wardrobe selections and I’ll match your vibe with the best backgrounds, lighting, etc.

Professional Headshots That Look Like You!

“A Comfortable Process!”

“He made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process and created stunning photos (coming from someone who hates every picture of themselves). He made it all so easy! I highly recommend him!" - Christianne

Set yourself apart.

Looking for a professional headshot or branding portraits that truly sets you apart from the competition? Need high quality personal photos for social networking and apps? Look no further than our premium professional headshot experience. Our team specializes in providing discerning clients like you with a customized, luxury headshot experience that showcases your unique personality and professional image.

At our studio, we believe that your headshot is more than just a photo – it's a reflection of your personal brand and professional image. That's why we're committed to providing a premium headshot experience that meets the highest standards of quality, creativity, and professionalism.

Take a moment to unwind and relax in our studio, complete with a fully stocked bar and craft cocktails for those who want to indulge in a beverage before, after or during their shoot. We have soft drinks and a variety of artesian and premium waters as well.

Contact us today to schedule your premium headshot experience and take the first step towards elevating your professional image.

“The Results Speak for Themselves!”

“Jeremy is an efficient and talented director, and the results speak for themselves. It’s why we keep coming back to him for our leadership team’s headshots.” - Smithfield Foods Marketing Representative

Ready to put on your best smile and say...something other than "cheese"? At our tailor-fit headshot studio, we're all about capturing the real you in a fun, organic, and stress-free way.

“A fun, smooth process!”

“Jeremy is professional, fun, makes the process very smooth and provided a great environment that resulted in amazing headshots!” - Robert

The ATL.

A thriving city where businesses grow, entrepreneurs thrive and celebrities are born. Your LinkedIn profile, business card or website must reflect the ambition, charisma and confidence of a successful leader with a headshot as iconic as the city it lives in.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for a spark or starting out and want to skip the line, investing in your personal brand is non-negotiable. A professional headshot instantly captures attention and showcases your value to the people who matter.

The Result:

You stand out with high-quality headshots that make you “the option” for hiring managers or casting directors. If you’re ready to take charge of your career and never want to leave your first impression to chance - book your headshot session today. Just show up, and I’ll make you feel like the celebrity or rockstar leader you are.

“I'll travel across the country to make sure Jeremy takes my headshots”

“Whether for business, acting or something else, I will travel across the country to make sure that Jeremy takes my headshots. He is the truth and makes you feel confident and at home, so you can be yourself during these shoots.” - Jamir

My spacious studio is located inside the perimeter in Atlanta’s North Buckhead District.

Just a few blocks from Brookhaven, and minutes from Midtown, Decatur, Atlantic Station, Roswell, Chamblee, Sandy Springs, Tucker and Downtown Atlanta.

We help business pros grow their careers and actors land more auditions. Period.

A professional headshot can make or break your ability to land a promotion, book a dream audition or impress the right person, and can help:

⦿ Capture Attention

Stop decision makers in their tracks. In the best of ways.

⦿ Influence Decision Makers

Stand out from the slush pile and speak to the right people.

⦿ Instant Credibility

Tell the world you’re legitimate and care about your career.

⦿ Grow Your Career

A professional headshot allows you to land new opportunities.

⦿ An Irresistible Story

Tell a story about your uniqueness and the value you can deliver.

⦿ Generate Trust

Ensure you’re generating trust and rapport before meeting someone.

Just show up. We’ll do the rest.

Whether it’s your first time getting a professional headshot or you’ve done it countless times, are a natural in front of the camera or not —our services work around your needs.

No stress. No guesswork. No hassle.

Select Wardrobe

Brings lots of options. We’ll use the best ones for your goals.

Get Directed

We’ll work on a range of expressions for your professional headshots.

Review Images

We’ll review images as we go. Pay only for the ones you want.

Show the World

Download your images in variety of crops and sizes.

Don’t leave your career to chance.

In today’s busy world, you get one shot to make a first impression.

Unfortunately, a generic professional headshot is the fastest way to fit in with everyone else. Worse off, you won’t get a second chance.

The fact is:

Carefully crafted professional or actor headshots increase your value and attract the attention of top decision makers. It’s why Jeremy Bustin Photography exists.

As the premier Atlanta Headshot Photographer, I’ve helped thousands of business pros and actors harness the power of expertly-crafted professional headshots to make a killer first impression and grow their careers.

Because professional headshots aren’t simply about a pretty picture.

Professional headshots will help you amplify your career and open doors you never thought possible. From influencing hiring managers, casting directors or people looking you up —the right headshot becomes an unfair advantage for years to come.

Best of all?

We handle everything for you. Just show up and we’ll do the rest.

"A Gem of a Photographer!"

“He is a one of a kind talent and has fun, creative ways of engaging our executives. Atlanta just gained a gem of a photographer.”

- Chief of Staff, Commercial Consulting Firm


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We help Atlanta-based actors and business pros stand out with stunning professional headshots made to influence decision makers.

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