You get one shot to make a first impression. Crush it with a professional headshot.

A professional headshot in Atlanta, Georgia

Stand out with professional headshots that take you from another option to “the” option in the eyes of hiring managers and casting directors.

Don’t leave your career to chance.

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Professional headshots

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Headshots that say it all


Headaches or hassle

Don’t leave your career to chance.

In today’s busy world, you get one shot to make a first impression.

Unfortunately, a generic professional headshot is the fastest way to fit in with everyone else. Worse off, you won’t get a second chance.

The fact is:

Carefully crafted professional or actor headshots increase your value and attract the attention of top decision makers. It’s why Jeremy Bustin Photography exists.

As the premier Atlanta Headshot Photographer, I’ve helped thousands of business pros and actors harness the power of expertly-crafted professional headshots to make a killer first impression and grow their careers.

Because professional headshots aren’t simply about a pretty picture.

Professional headshots will help you amplify your career and open doors you never thought possible. From influencing hiring managers, casting directors or people looking you up —the right headshot becomes an unfair advantage for years to come.

Best of all?

We handle everything for you. Just show up and we’ll do the rest.

We help business pros grow their careers and actors land more auditions. Period.

A professional headshot can make or break your ability to land a promotion, book a dream audition or impress the right person, and can help:

⦿ Capture Attention

Stop decision makers in their tracks. In the best of ways.

⦿ Influence Decision Makers

Stand out from the slush pile and speak to the right people.

⦿ Instant Credibility

Tell the world you’re legitimate and care about your career.

⦿ Grow Your Career

A professional headshot allows you to land new opportunities.

⦿ An Irresistible Story

Tell a story about your uniqueness and the value you can deliver.

⦿ Generate Trust

Ensure you’re generating trust and rapport before meeting someone.

Real people. Real careers. Real results.

“I’ve always taken awkward headshots. Not so with Jeremy’s masterful coaching.”  

Wow. Jeremy is a pro and really knows how to capture great headshots. I’ve always taken awkward headshots. Not so with Jeremy’s masterful coaching, sense of humor and patience. I’ll be referring colleagues and friends to him for professional headshots.

- Vern

“I am happier with the shots I received from Jeremy than I am with some previous NYC headshot photographers.”

Jeremy was incredible to work with and I am extremely happy and impressed by the level of quality in my headshots. I've recently moved from NYC where the quality of standards for headshots is at its highest. I am happier with the shots I received from Jeremy than I am with some previous NYC headshot photographers I spent a lot more money on. He was also very patient with me through the editing and retouching process to meet my exact wants and needs!

- Rachel

“Book him! You won’t regret it!”

He knows what the industry is looking for and provided us with information on wardrobe prior to the shoot. While taking pictures, Jeremy made my son feel comfortable. He provided us with the photos from the shoot for our family to choose from, the same day! I cannot wait for him to take pictures of my family! Book him! You won’t regret it!

- Krista (mom of Jakobe)

“Absolute magical talents when it comes to lighting, angles and backgrounds.”

If you are looking for the best headshots in the area, stop looking, you have found the right place!
From the initial inquiry through the final product, Jeremy has his process streamlined and tailored to his client. He is a true professional and takes great pride in his craft. It's the little things that separate his services. You will see it all from easy booking, great advice prior to the shooting, patience to understand your expectations and needs, friendly and encouraging personality, and absolute magical talents when it comes to lighting, angles, and backgrounds.

- Louden

“I never expected to have so much fun on a business headshot shoot. Do not hesitate to book him for your headshots.”

I went to Jeremy needing one professional headshot, but ended up purchasing five because my wife loved them so much. I never expected to have so much fun on a business headshot shoot. Do not hesitate to book him for your headshots. The experience paired with his kindness and expertise is unmatched. I’ve already sent multiple other colleagues to him. 

- Brett

“He put me at complete ease despite mynervousness, and made me feel beautiful.”

Jeremy exceeded all my expectations. Prior to my studio appointment, he advised me on wardrobe selection and makeup. On the day of the shoot, he put me at complete ease despite my nervousness. He made me feel beautiful and was able to capture my personality in his photos. The experience was unexpectedly enjoyable and he made it fun. ALL of his photos were remarkably great making it difficult to choose just one. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

- Susan

“I've honestly never been more pleased with a headshot session.”

Jeremy is extremely professional, responds quickly, and is very knowledgeable about what looks good and what works but ALSO very open to your thoughts and ideas. Lastly, itwas just super fun. There were so many photos of me laughing and smiling in between the intended shots, and I'm going to keep them for a long time. If you're in the Mid-Atlantic/Southeast area and need great headshots, choose Jeremy. You'll get exactly what you want and more!

- Jess

“Excellent job coaching me to confident, authentic looks with my headshots.”

Jeremy did a really excellent job coaching me to confident, authentic looks with my headshots. It was my first time having a professional do my headshots, and I didn’t know what to expect. He is very professional, efficient, and knows what he is doing. Very fast turn-around.

- Ryan

“Individually tailored…He is generous with his time and produces amazing shots!”

Working with Jeremy was fantastic. He is generous with his time and produces amazing shots. His process is very individually tailored, and I got exactly what I wanted out of my new headshots. I completely recommend going with Jeremy Bustin Photography!

- Andrew

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Just show up. We’ll do the rest.

Whether it’s your first time getting a professional headshot or you’ve done it countless times, are a natural in front of the camera or not —our services work around your needs.

No stress. No guesswork. No hassle.

Select Wardrobe

Brings lots of options. We’ll use the best ones for your goals.

Get Directed

We’ll work on a range of expressions for your professional headshots.

Review Images

We’ll review images as we go. Pay only for the ones you want.

Show the World

Download your images in variety of crops and sizes.

Step 1: Book Session

Book your session and fill out your pre-shoot form. We’ll conceptualize your shoot to achieve exceed your goals. And then some.

Step 2: Choose Wardrobe

Bring several options. We'll help you select the best outfits based on our preparation and the magic that happens on set.

Step 3: Shoot + Select

The fun part. Walk into our comfortable Atlanta studio, kick back and let us do the work. We make you comfortable as we direct you through an effortless process.

Step 4: Stand Out

Once selected, we’ll get your high-res photos to you within 72 hours so you can leverage the power of stunning professional headshots that tell your story.

They snap pictures. We tell stories.

Anyone can snap a picture. Few can communicate a feeling and position you as the prize in the eyes of decision makers. That’s what a professional headshot must do.

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Hi, I’m Jeremy. I know you’re tired of watching others land dream opportunities.

I get it: you want more.

More opportunities. Big breaks. And the feeling that you’re making serious progress in your career.

In today’s digital world, your headshot is the first thing people see. From hiring managers to casting directors and people who look you up online, it matters.

The marketplace is littered with cookie-cutter professional headshots that do more harm than good.

Instead, I’m here to showcase what makes you unique and position your headshot in a way that influences the right people.

The fact is: you already have a stunning professional headshot inside of you.

Unlike most, I dig into your goals to get radically clear on how you want to come across. Whether confident, authentic, genuine, captivating or trustworthy look —we bring it to life.

At my core, I understand the power of branding. With a dual career in both acting and as a PR professional, I know exactly what casting directors and hiring managers are looking for.

So, what does this mean for you?

As a business pro, you’ll stand out, be seen as an expert and be proud when prospects or colleagues look you up. For actors, I transform your headshots into assets that showcase your versatility with clients landing 6X more auditions on average.

Lastly, I’m here to make the process effortless for you. You’ll never feel rushed, and I don’t stop until you’re thrilled. Need a collar stay? We got you. Lint rollers? Check. Just show up to my studio for a stress-free experience while we handle everything for you.

If you’ve made it this far, go ahead and book your session.

I can’t wait to help you stand out with professional headshots you’re proud to share.

To your success,

Owner, Jeremy Bustin Photography

P.S. My client’s biggest regret? It goes like this: “Jeremy, I wish I booked with you years ago.”

Don’t be the person who waits until the last second.

We often fill up weeks in advance, so book your session today.

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Your Questions, Answered

Who is this for?

Jeremy Bustin Photography serves business professionals or actors who want to stand out, communicate their value and make a great first impression with professional headshots. Click here for Business Headshots and here for Acting Headshots.

I’m looking for professional headshots near me. Where are you located?

We’re located in Atlanta’s Brookhaven district which is two minutes off I85 and minutes from Midtown, Decatur, Atlantic Station, Buckhead, Sandy Springs.

I have a professional headshot. Do I need this?

You wouldn’t have made it this far. The fact is most professional headshots do more harm than good and become a liability for your career. In today’s digital age, nearly everyone you meet will search for you online —peers, decision makers, prospects —and your headshot is the first thing they see. Don’t mess it up.

I need this fast. What’s your turnaround?

We like your style. Click here to check our current availability as we sometimes have last minute openings. We deliver retouched images in 24-48 hours and offer same day delivery for a $75 rush fee.

I’m newer in my career. Does this matter as much?

It matters even more. As a younger actor or business pro, you don’t have the experience others do. Which is why it’s non-negotiable to do everything you can to stand out. Don’t be the guy or gal who takes a selfie or hires their 14-year old nephew and looks like an amateur.

How long are your sessions?

We care obsess over ensuring you’re thrilled with the shots we take. Unlike other headshot photographers, we’ll sit down and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting so there are zero surprises.

I’m not photogenic. Is this still for me?

False. A skilled professional headshot photographer knows how to make their clients comfortable and ensures you come across in a compelling, authentic —and yes —photogenic way.

What about hair and make-up?

We got you! You are welcome to add hair and makeup with one of our specialists or bring your own with you to the shoot.

Do you photograph kids?

Absolutely. Both kids and parents alike rave about our engaging, exciting and fun experience. Whether a child actor or simply investing in memorable kids headshots, we’re here to deliver an experience they’ll love. Click here for kids headshot examples.

You’re one click away from a professional headshot you’re proud to share.

Stop fitting in. Start standing out. If you’re ready for a professional headshot you’re proud to share —book your headshot session today.

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