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A Headshot Ahead is a 1:1: match program for every paid business headshot session that gives a free headshot to Atlanta workers recently impacted by layoffs. By getting a stunning professional headshot, individuals get a career-boosting asset that creates momentum to land their next opportunity.

Because one headshot can change everything.

If you’ve been impacted by a layoff and want to enter the program, enroll below for free. If you’re looking to pay it forward and be part of someone’s comeback story – book your own session or donate a session today.

For Atlanta residents. By Atlanta residents.

Let's pay it forward.

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One Headshot can change Everything.

Times are tough. Layoffs are difficult. They’re one of the most negatively impactful experiences that affect day-to-day happiness. And they’re affecting more Atlanta residents and families  than ever.

At Jeremy Bustin Photography, we’re here to do something about it.

With our A Headshot Ahead Program, we do a 1 to 1 match for every paid business headshot session to help fellow Atlanta residents. Because you never know what door a professional headshot can open that completely shifts someone’s future.

A Great Comeback Story Starts With An Unforgettable Headshot

A professional headshot is a career-boosting asset designed to:

⦿ Showcase Authority

Showcase authority and expertise. Instantly.

⦿ Influence Decision Makers

Stand out from the masses and speak to the right people.

⦿ Instant Credibility

Tell the world you’re legitimate and care about your career.

⦿ Grow Your Career

Have a digital asset that allows you to land new opportunities.

⦿ An Irresistible Story

Tell a story about your uniqueness and the value you deliver.

⦿ Generate Trust

Ensure you’re generating trust and rapport before meeting someone.

How a headshot ahead works

If you’ve been impacted by a layoff, follow the steps to enroll in the program.

Step 1: Enroll

Simply submit your contact information to enroll to be selected.

Step 2: Subscribe

Keep an eye out for my weekly newsletter, "The Comeback" where I’ll reveal the number of free slots for that week and share photos from the program.

Step 3: Headshot Session

Show up to my Atlanta studio, receive personalized attention and walk away with a stunning business headshot.

Hi, I’m Jeremy. Let’s pay it forward —one headshot at a time.

We’ve all been there.

A layoff can be an extremely difficult experience. There can be doubt, uncertainty and a dark cloud about what the next career move is.

That’s why A Headshot Ahead exists.

I wanted to find a way to partner with fellow Atlanta residents who’ve been laid off to get a free headshot that gives them an instant career boost and gets them moving in the right direction.

Because in a digital world, the right headshot becomes a career-boosting asset that moves the needle toward their next opportunity. Furthermore, it’s the first thing people see on LinkedIn and other platforms.

From hiring managers and people who look you up online, a headshot matters more than ever. Whether you’ve recently been laid off or are looking to book or donate a session – thank you for being here.

To your success,

Owner, Jeremy Bustin Photography

Your Questions, Answered

Who is ‘A Headshot Ahead’ for?

A Headshot Ahead is for Atlanta residents who’ve recently been laid off and want to enroll for their chance at a free headshot session with our 1:1 match. Anyone can pay it forward by booking a paid headshot session here or donating a session here to the next person on the list.

Why are you offering this?

As someone who is both a professional photographer and PR professional at a large tech company, I get how much layoffs can negatively impact people and their families. I’ve seen it firsthand. And it’s important for me to play a part in helping fellow Atlanteans to turn a challenge into an opportunity.

How does enrollment work?

Enrollment is first come, first serve. If you’re on the list, you’ll move up the queue each time someone completes a paid headshot session. The same goes for donations. Just subscribe to the newsletter with weekly updates.

I’d love to help. Can I donate a headshot session?

Of course. We appreciate you paying it forward because you never know what door a headshot can open for someone’s long-term career. Simply click here to donate and experience the thrill of helping boost someone’s career.

Do the free headshots get full service?

You get the same expert guidance, on-the-spot coaching, celebrity treatment and everything you need to feel relaxed, at ease and showcase your best self. The only difference is hair and make-up (if needed) are not included and can be added on.

Be Part Of Someone’s Comeback Story.

Nothing feels better than doing good. Especially when you’re helping a fellow Atlanta resident get a headstart on their next career move. You can help by either scheduling your paid session here or simply donating one today.

Let’s Pay It Forward—Enroll, Book or Donate Today.

A professional business headshot you’re proud to post online will create positive momentum toward your next opportunity. Enter your contact information below to enroll in A Headshot Ahead and stay tuned as we announce those selected in our weekly newsletter.

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