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Maximize Your Potential with Our Five-Look Headshot Package

In the ever-competitive world of acting, one single headshot isn't enough to showcase your full potential. To truly stand out, you need a diverse portfolio that encapsulates your range, versatility, and unique personality. At Jeremy Bustin Photography, we understand this better than anyone. That's why we've curated the perfect solution for you - Our Five-Look Headshot Package.

1. Commercial Headshot: Your Commercial Headshot is the quintessential "smiling" shot, presenting you as friendly, approachable, and energetic. Ideal for auditions for upbeat, high-energy roles like the charismatic 'Flo' from Progressive commercials or the enthusiastic toy demonstrator on a Hasbro ad.

2. Light Commercial Headshot: The Light Commercial Headshot offers a more grounded and genuine presentation. This shot is perfect for roles that call for a dash of reality, like the trustworthy 'Jake' from State Farm ads or sitcom roles akin to 'The Good Place' or 'Blackish.' Also fitting for more poignant and relatable Dramedies like 'This Is Us.'

3. Theatrical Headshot: Your Theatrical Headshot captures your capability for dramatic depth, displaying your readiness for serious, dramatic roles. Think of roles like those in 'The Handmaid's Tale' or 'Breaking Bad.'

4. Character Shot #1: This headshot is tailored to a character type that you feel represents your strengths. Maybe you see yourself as a brooding detective, a futuristic android, or a mysterious witch? Here, we will bring that character to life!

5. Character Shot #2: This is another character shot, but for a completely different role, showcasing your versatility. If your first character shot was more dramatic, consider a comedic character for this shot. Or, maybe you want to contrast a contemporary character with a period piece? The possibilities are endless!

With our Five-Look Headshot Package, you can ensure casting directors see the breadth and depth of your acting abilities. We want to capture the many facets of who you are, and who you can be, to ensure that you're considered for a broad spectrum of roles. It's time to take a giant leap in your acting career!

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An Impactful Actor Headshot

“Several of my clients recently had a session with Jeremy and I have to say, his work is simply the best I've seen in quite some time. Honestly, he knows what Casting Directors are looking for and he's captured it through the eyes, the expression, the lighting, mood and color. I will be recommending Jeremy Bustin to all of my clients going forward.”

- CCLTalent Managment

You’ve got a captivating story to tell. Let your actor headshots give the opening line.

The rules have changed.

With the onset of online talent submissions, casting directors are busier than ever and look at hundreds (or thousands) of headshots for one role. Which means you have seconds to capture their attention and “suggest” the character they’re looking for.

If you don’t grab their attention, you’ll be put in the “no, thanks” pile with everyone else —and wonder if you’ll ever land that dream audition.

Until now.

At Jeremy Bustin Photography, we craft captivating actor headshots that influence agents and casting directors to call you for more auditions. Most importantly, we find characters aligned with your essence and help you instantly communicate them to the marketplace.

Our actor headshots have been trusted by more than 200+ agents and casting directors with an average of 600% more auditions for our clients than their previous actor headshots. The result? You can focus on nailing your audition and doing your best work.

Best of all: our headshots are for actors, by an actor.

Which means you can rest easy knowing you’re working with someone who gets your craft and knows exactly how to direct and bring the best out of you.

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Female actress wearing a wild flowery shirt against a yellow backdrop.Commercial actor headshot of smiling man wearing plaid shirt over a henley against a neutral gray background.A young boy wearing a leather jacket and plaid shirt for a theatrical actor headshot.Young actress wearing overalls showing a sarcastic face and standing against an orange background.A male actor wearing a denim shirt and navy blue henley, standing against an almond colored background.A teen actress wearing a pink shirt standing against a pink background.Actress with curly hair wearing an orange shirt with a flower pattern and standing against a plum background.Theatrical actor headshot of young man in gray turtleneck standing against a textured canvas background.A woman wearing a leather jacket standing in front of a hand painted canvas background.Young boy wearing glasses and suspenders for his actor headshots.Young man wearing black jacket and black t-shirt against a green canvas background.Woman wearing a denim jacket and Disney shirt.A male actor with a comfortable expression against a hand painted canvas background.Young actress wearing a pink polo shirt against a pink background.Commercial headshot of actor with huge smile.Men's headshot of man in leather jacket and white t-shirt on a dark background.Headshot of actor Allen Williamson in denim jacket and white t-shirt.Theatrical headshot of female actor in maroon top against a wine colored backdrop.Commercial headshot of actress in glasses and wearing a purple sweater against a purple backdrop.Male actor headshot of actor in denim jacket and green t-shirt.Actress headshot of Atlanta actors wearing blue suit jacket and scarf.Funny headshot of child wearing glasses against a yellow background.Actor headshot captured outside against a chain-linked fence.Headshot of blonde actress wearing brown leather jacket and crimson colored t-shirt.Actor with long hair posing against a hand painted canvas backdrop.Serious headshot of actor Jody Matzer.A brunette actress wearing a deep brown leather jacket and maroon shirt against a moody hand painted canvas.Actress from TV show The Walking Dead, captured outside against chain-linked fence.
Portrait of a smiling middle-aged man with salt-and-pepper hair, wearing a denim shirt and black inner tee, against a beige background - Premium Atlanta Headshots PhotographyClose-up portrait of a confident woman with curly hair, wearing glasses, against a purple background - Premium Atlanta Headshots PhotographyPortrait of a young woman with wavy brown hair, intense green eyes, wearing a muted green blouse, set against a blurred urban background - Premium Atlanta Headshots Photography

More auditions. Zero guesswork.

Whether you’re a TV, film or stage actor, our actor headshots become a career-boosting asset to get you in front of the right people, including:

⦿ Capture Attention

Stand out amongst hundreds or thousands of actors by telling the right story.

⦿ Land Auditions

Land more auditions and increase your chances of landing that dream role you’re meant for.

⦿ Reveal Your Character

Reveal the character(s) you’re able to bring to life that speak to the roles you’re aiming for.

⦿ Own Your Career

Make a statement that says you’re serious and willing to do what it takes to grow your career.

Real people. Real careers. Real results.We let our clients do the talking.

Banner showcasing Gwen Johnson's latest work on Disney's National Treasure: Edge of History
Banner highlighting Paula Black's work on HBO's We Own This City.
Irene Ziegler stars in DC's Doom Patrol on HBO.
Banner featuring Harvey Roberts from Hulu's Dopesick.
Graphic promoting Stephanie Parker on Hulu's Dopesick.
Actor Sawyer Williams stars in Tapawingo with Jon Heder and Billy Zane.
John Easterbrook featured in HBO's We Own This City graphic.

“He wants to see you win and I felt that.”

I just got my new headshots done with Jeremy and I really couldn't be happier with the overall experience. I felt confident, I felt assured and I was a complete blank slate. Jeremy really knows how to direct you well to get the best shots and to get you to that emotion you need to convey. And the turn-around time was so quick! You will absolutely not be disappointed with his kindness, his humor and his professionalism. He wants to see you win and I felt that. I'll be sticking with Jeremy as long as he doesn't get sick of me 🙃

- Joelle (SAG-AFTRA)

"I have been asked to audition 4 times now in just more than a week since updating my headshots with Jeremy."

Jeremy is absolutely phenomenal. Very professional and at the same time makes you feel welcome and relaxed in the studio. He had me cracking up and the head shots are AMAZING. I have been asked to audition 4 times now in just more than a week since updating my headshots with Jeremy.

- Gary (SAG-AFTRA)

"I've booked so much acting work using headshots from my session with Jeremy."

Jeremy's headshots communicate professionalism and truly capture the essence of each subject. I've booked so much acting work using headshots from my session with Jeremy. I appreciate his advice, accessibility, and ability to streamline the branding process. I highly recommend his services.

- Ashley (SAG-AFTRA

"I would not hesitate to make the trip from Boston again!"

Jeremy is incredible! Very friendly and welcoming. He creates a fun and professional environment to make sure you are comfortable. The detail and dedication he puts in is unmatched! I am beyond thrilled with how the photos came out and would not hesitate to make the trip from Boston again.

- Hayden

“Great job of creating a relaxed environment, and provided direction that allowed me to get out of my head and just have fun with it!”

I'm very happy with the headshots I got from Jeremy. I'm always very uncomfortable and unsure during headshot sessions as they are a big deal to market yourself and the pressure gets to me. Jeremy did a great job of creating a relaxed environment and provided direction that allowed me to get out of my head and just have fun with it. Very encouraging, very collaborative, very knowledgeable. Definitely would recommend booking him if you are looking for a quality headshot photographer in the ATL market.

- John Mark

“He made my daughter feel very confident and she had a blast.”

My daughter’s headshot session with Jeremy could not have been more fun! Jeremy is so kind and professional, and he had the best tips and pointers. He made my daughter feel very confident and she had a blast. The experience was great, and the headshots were even better than we expected. Highly recommend working with Jeremy!

- Carey (mom of Caroline)

You show up. We do the rest.

Step 1: Book Session

Book your business headshot session and fill out your pre-shoot form. We’ll strategize your shoot to achieve exceed your goals. And then some.

Step 2: Choose Wardrobe

Bring several options. We’ll guide you to use the most flattering options to help you stand out from the crowd and make an amazing first impression.

Step 3: Shoot + Select

The fun part. Walk into our comfortable Atlanta studio, kick back and let us do the work. We’ll make you comfortable as you are directed through an effortless process.

Step 4: Stand Out

Once selected, we’ll get your high-res business headshots within 72 hours so you can start leveraging the power of headshots that help you stand out. Need it faster? Just let us know.

Everything you need to catch your big break.

Television. Feature Films. Broadway.

Whether you’re looking to be cast on a hit TV show, feature film or on Broadway, we bring vast experience in showcasing your talent and helping you stand out amongst every option.

✔ Actor Headshots

✔ Commercial Headshots

✔ Theatrical Headshots

✔ SlateShots

✔ Self-Taping

✔ Broadway Headshots

✔ Stage Headshots

They take pictures. We get auditions.

We’re different. Because you’re different.

Many people can take a picture. Few tell your story and communicate the roles you’re a perfect fit for.

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Actor Headshots. By An Actor

1500+ Successful Clients

Zero Time Constraints

Featured On Major TV, Film & Stage

Hi, I’m Jeremy. I know you’re tired of feeling invisible to casting directors.

I know that feeling. You’ve found a role that feels like it was made just for you. Yet, you hear nothing back from casting directors or agents.

Sure, you’re used to rejection. But at some point the cycle repeats itself and you wonder if it’s still worth pursuing your dream.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead:

What if you could tell your story in a way that instantly grabs the attention of casting directors using actor headshots?

Instead, I’m here to showcase what makes you unique and position your headshot in a way that influences the right people.

It’s why we exist.

By doing so, you reveal what makes you different. You tell a riveting story. And you give yourself the advantage of opening up doors that were previously slammed shut. Instead of wondering if you’ll hear back, you’ll focus on showcasing your talents and nailing your performance.

As an actor myself, I dig into your goals and get clear on the roles you’re aiming for. Before we ever take a photo, I’ll guide you through the exact looks, wardrobe, lighting and techniques that bring out everything you have to offer.

On average, our results have generated 600% more auditions for our actors and helped them land major roles on household networks, films, shows and productions.

Lastly, I’m here to make the process effortless for you. You’ll never feel rushed, and I don’t stop until you’re thrilled. Just show up to my studio for a stress-free experience that allows you to be yourself.

As a business pro, you’ll stand out, be seen as an expert and be proud when prospects or colleagues look you up. For actors, I transform your headshots into assets that showcase your versatility with clients landing 6X more auditions on average.

I can’t wait to showcase your talent to the world.

If you’ve made it this far, go ahead and book your session.

To your success,

Owner, Jeremy Bustin Photography

P.S. It takes one role to change everything.

Don’t let a generic or outdated actor headshot stop you from the career of your dreams.

Simply book today and we’ll do the rest.

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Your Questions, Answered

I already have an actor headshot. Do I still need this?

Many actors rely on headshots that do more harm than good. Whether taken by a headshot factory, a photographer friend or something in between – the headshot isn’t telling your story. It’s not helping casting directors “imagine” the roles you could play. In other words, it’s a liability to growing your career and landing dream auditions.

Can you do ________ for actors?

If it involves actor headshots for TV, stage or film —the answer is yes. Whether commercial, theatrical, broadway, stage headshots, self-taping or SlateShots, we’ve got you covered with everything you need.

Where have your actors been booked?

Our actor headshots have led to actors booking auditions for co-starring or recurring roles in the following productions: Dopesick, The Good Lord Bird, The Walking Dead, Harriet, Wonder Woman, Swagger, City on a Hill, Your Honor, The Resident, Doom Patrol, National Treasure, The First Lady, We Own This City, Succession, to name a few. They have acted alongside Kevin Costner, Ethan Hawke, Cynthia Erivo, Kevin Bacon, Aldis Hodge, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman, Viola Davis, Natalie Portman and many more.

I’m looking for actor headshots near me. Where are you located?

We’re located in Atlanta’s Brookhaven district which is two minutes off I85 and minutes from Midtown, Decatur, Atlantic Station, Buckhead and Sandy Springs.

I’m newer in my career. Does this matter as much?

It matters more. As a younger actor, you don’t have the experience others do. Which is why it’s non-negotiable to do everything you can to stand out with actor headshots. Don’t be the guy or gal who takes a selfie or hires their 14-year old nephew.

How long are your sessions?

We care obsess over ensuring you’re thrilled with the shots we take. Unlike other actor headshot photographers, we’ll sit down and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting so there are zero surprises.

What about hair and make-up?

We got you! You are welcome to add hair and makeup with one of our specialists or bring your own with you to your actor headshot shoot.

I need this fast. What’s your turnaround?

We’ll get your high-res photos to you within 72 hours (and often much faster) that you can share with your agent and start getting more callbacks.

Stop fitting in. Start standing out. Your big break starts here.

If you’re ready for an actor headshot that makes a statement, tells your story and helps you land a dream audition —book your actor headshot session today.

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