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How Often Should Kids Get Headshots: A Guide for Parents

Jeremy Bustin
20 May 2023
5 min read
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Keeping It Fresh: How Often Should You Update Your Child Actor Headshots?

Being a parent to a budding child actor is an exciting journey filled with unique experiences. One essential aspect of this journey involves keeping your child’s acting portfolio up-to-date with current child actor headshots. But how often should you update these headshots?

While adults typically update their headshots every 1-2 years, child actor headshots require more frequent updates due to the rapid changes that children undergo as they grow. These headshots provide casting directors with an accurate representation of your child’s current look, so it’s important to ensure they’re regularly updated.

Let’s consider the child actors in popular TV shows and movies for a moment. The young cast of Stranger Things, for example, underwent significant changes in their appearance as they aged throughout the show’s seasons. A similar pattern can be observed with the young actors in the Harry Potter film series, who aged from children to young adults during the series’ decade-long run. Therefore, keeping child actor headshots current is crucial for accurately representing your child’s age and look.

For child actors just starting in the industry (typically around ages 3-7), it’s recommended to update their headshots every six months. Yes, it’s a bit frequent, but the rapid pace of physical changes in this age range makes it necessary.

As your child actor grows and their rate of change slows down (around ages 8-12), you can reduce the frequency of headshot updates to once a year. However, any drastic changes, like a new haircut or the loss of baby teeth, should prompt an immediate update to their headshots.

Once your child reaches their mid-teens, the frequency of updating their headshots can be reduced to every 1-2 years, similar to adults. But keep an eye out for significant physical changes that might necessitate an interim update.

The child actors in the TV show “Black-ish” provide another great example. Marcus Scribner and Marsai Martin began the series as kids, but as the show progressed, they matured into young adults. Their updated headshots were essential in portraying their growth to the audience, casting directors, and industry professionals.

Why Updating Child Actor Headshots Is Important

Youth Is a Commodity

One reason is that youth is a commodity in the acting industry. Casting directors are always looking for fresh faces and young talent to fill various roles. The younger your child looks, the more opportunities they will have to audition for different projects.

However, this also means that your child’s look can change quickly as they grow up. A headshot that was taken six months ago might not reflect how your child looks today. This can create confusion and disappointment for both you and the casting directors.

Imagine sending your child’s old headshot to an audition for a role that requires a 9-year-old kid. But when you show up at the audition, your child looks more like a 10-year-old kid. Even though that distinction may seem minor to you, the casting director might feel misled or annoyed by this discrepancy and might not give your child a fair chance now or in the future.

To avoid this situation, you need to update your child’s headshots regularly to match their current look and age. This way, you can ensure that you are sending accurate and honest information to the casting directors and that your child is getting the best possible opportunities.

Competition Is Fierce

Another reason why updating child actor headshots is important is that competition is fierce in the acting industry. There are thousands of other kids who are also pursuing their dreams of becoming actors. To stand out from the crowd, you need to have high-quality and professional headshots that showcase your child’s unique features and personality.

However, having good headshots is not enough if they are outdated or irrelevant. Casting directors receive hundreds of submissions for each role they are casting. They don’t have time to look at every single headshot carefully. They will quickly scan through them and eliminate those that don’t fit their criteria.

If your child’s headshot is outdated or doesn’t match their current look or age range, it will likely end up in the rejection pile. On the other hand, if your child’s headshot is updated and relevant, it will catch the casting director’s attention and increase their chances of getting an audition.

Therefore, updating your child’s headshots regularly is essential for staying competitive and relevant in the acting industry. You want to make sure that your child’s headshot is always fresh and current and that it reflects their best potential.

How to Update Child Actor Headshots Effectively

Now that you know why updating child actor headshots is important, you might wonder how to do it effectively. Here are some tips on how to update your child’s headshots without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

Choose a Professional Photographer

The first step is to choose a professional photographer who specializes in child actor headshots. A professional photographer will have the experience, skills, and equipment to capture your child’s best features and expressions. They will also know how to work with children and make them feel comfortable and confident during the shoot.

A professional photographer will also help you choose the best looks for your child’s headshots. They will advise you on what colors, styles, and accessories to wear or avoid for each look. They will also guide you on how to pose and express yourself for each look.

Choosing a professional photographer might seem expensive at first, but it will pay off in the long run. A professional photographer will provide you with high-quality and consistent headshots that will impress casting directors and showcase your child’s talent.

Capture Multiple Looks

The second step is to capture multiple looks for your child’s headshots. As mentioned earlier, capturing multiple looks means changing your child’s wardrobe, hairstyle, makeup, and expression to suit different types of characters. For example, if your child wants to audition for both comedy and drama roles, you might want to have one look that showcases their cheerful and playful side, and another look that highlights their serious and emotional side.

Having multiple looks can help your child stand out from other applicants and show their versatility as an actor. It can also save you time and money by reducing the need for frequent headshot sessions.

However, capturing multiple looks doesn’t mean compromising on quality or consistency. You still want to make sure that each look is professional, clear, and authentic. You also want to avoid overdoing it with too many looks that might confuse or overwhelm casting directors.

A good rule of thumb is to aim for 3-5 looks per headshot session, depending on your child’s age and goals. You can consult with a professional photographer who specializes in child actor headshots to help you choose the best looks for your child.

Update Regularly

The third step is to update your child’s headshots regularly according to their age and growth rate. As discussed earlier, for children aged 3-7, you should update their headshots every six months; for children aged 8-12, you should update their headshots once a year; and for children aged 13 and above, you should update their headshots every 1-2 years. Of course, these are general guidelines, and you should always monitor your child’s physical changes and adjust accordingly.

Updating your child’s headshots regularly will ensure that they always have an accurate and current representation of their look and age. This will help them get more auditions and opportunities in the acting industry.


Updating child actor headshots is an important part of being a parent to a budding child actor. It helps them showcase their current look and personality to casting directors and industry professionals. It also helps them stay competitive and relevant in the dynamic world of child acting.

To update child actor headshots effectively, you need to choose a professional photographer who specializes in child actor headshots, capture multiple looks for different types of roles, and update regularly according to your child’s age and growth rate.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your child’s headshots are always fresh and current and that they reflect their best potential as an actor.

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