What should I expect at the shoot?

You should expect to have a lot of fun. Seriously, don’t stress at all.

When you arrive, we will chat about your wardrobe and make a plan together to crush your headshot session.

We’ll hang and steam your clothes as necessary.

All the while, you can enjoy your favorite soft drink, water, or a local beer?

I’ll go over some basics and walk you through how the shoot will go.

Can I see the images while we are shooting?

Yes, once we get into a sweet spot and have a lot of good images, I’ll start to show them to you just to ensure we are meeting your expectations.

How do you coach me?

I’ve been on the other side of the camera when there’s nothing but awkward silence. The shots from those sessions never come out great. I will be your hype man when I need to build you up and will bring out your confidence through natural conversation. For actors, I’ll also engage you in different ways and give you moments to think about, so we can draw out a range of emotions during the shoot. We may also laugh together, sing together and dance a bit. It’s a super loose and fun time that produces great results!

Can we shoot more than headshots?

If you booked an Unlimited session or The Working Actor, we can shoot headshots, ¾ shots and full body shots. Otherwise, we will shoot headshots and ¾ shots.

Ready to begin?