As your child embarks on their acting journey, setting them up for success starts with the right headshots. The difference between an ordinary headshot and an extraordinary one can be the key to your child getting noticed by industry professionals.

Jeremy Bustin, a top Atlanta-based photographer, specializes in child actor headshots and understands the nuances of what makes a kid's headshot stand out in a crowded industry.

Types of Headshots

Children need a variety of headshots to display their range, including:

⦿ Theatrical Headshot – capturing their serious, dramatic side akin to shows like 'Stranger Things' or movies like 'Harry Potter.'

⦿ Commercial Headshot – a bright, friendly image showcasing their appeal for commercials similar to those for Disney or Target.

⦿ Light Commercial Headshot – a casual, relaxed shot reminiscent of lifestyle ads for brands like Gap Kids or Old Navy or sitcoms like Modern Family or Blackish.

⦿ Character Headshots – these subtly suggest the variety of roles your child could play, from the class clown to the next child prodigy to the bully.

Theatrical Headshot

Commercial Headshot

Light Commercial

Character Headshot

The Bustin Difference

Choosing a headshot photographer who doesn't work specifically with actors, or worse, one who doesn't enjoy working with children, can be a setback for your child's acting career. Jeremy Bustin, renowned for his work with children, brings a playful and energetic approach to sessions that helps elicit genuine expressions and high energy levels.

His sessions are uniquely tailored to each child's needs and are never rushed, with only one actor scheduled per day. From a free pre-session consultation to providing snacks, favorite beverages, and playing music from your child's playlist, Jeremy ensures a relaxed and fun environment.

High-Quality, Affordable Headshots

Jeremy understands that headshots are an investment in your child's future. With his competitive pricing, he offers top-quality headshots that won't break the bank. Each session includes a variety of headshots, five wardrobe changes, and five retouched images, all delivered within 24 hours of the shoot.

SlateShots: The Added Advantage

In the digital world of casting, a SlateShot – a seven-second clip introducing your child – can make all the difference. Profiles with SlateShots are typically viewed first on Actors Access, giving your child a critical edge. As part of his package, Jeremy includes a SlateShot, ensuring your child's profile will be at the top of the list.

Let Jeremy Bustin capture the best in your child, showcasing their unique personality and talent with professional headshots that set them apart. Book a session today and give your child the best start to their acting career.


Your Questions, Answered

Where is your studio located?

Jeremy's studio is conveniently located three minutes off I-85 in the Brookhaven are of Atlanta. Detailed directions will be provided upon the scheduling of your appointment.

Can parents watch the session?

This depends on the kid. Sometimes having a parent in the studio helps children feel more relaxed and comfortable. For others, parents can be a distraction. The studio is set up in a way that parents can be in the studio but out of the sight line of the kid if necessary. Jeremy requests that shoots be limited to one guest/parent, but has a wardrobe room/waiting area if there are additional guests present.

What are the studio hours?

Jeremy's studio operates by appointment only and generally hosts kids sessions in the morning or early evening. However, since Jeremy only takes one actor session per day during the week, there is some flexibility in the scheduling. Jeremy does take two appointments on weekends.

What safety measures are taken due to COVID-19?

Jeremy is fully vaccinated and does a thorough cleaning of all equipment and the studio on a daily basis. While masks were required for everyone during the worst of the pandemic, masks are now optional.

How can I book a session?

It’s easy to book your session. Go to my calendar and pick a date here. A small non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot. Final payment will be due the day of your appointment.

What happens if we need to reschedule our session?

Jeremy understands that unexpected things can come up, especially when working with children. He allows up to 2 reschedules with at least 48 hours’ notice before forfeiting your deposit.

How long does a session with Jeremy last?

Jeremy doesn't rush his sessions and only books one actor per day (two on weekends). The length of the session will depend on your child's needs and comfort. The average session is about 2 hours.

What should my child wear for their headshots?

During the pre-session consultation, Jeremy will provide guidance on wardrobe choices that will work best for the types of headshots your child needs.

Should my child wear makeup for his or her headshot session?

Makeup can often make children look older than their actual age, which is generally not desirable for casting directors who need to accurately gauge a child's age from their headshots. For children under 16, we encourage plain, non-glossy chapstick and perhaps a touch of translucent powder for shine control or minor cover-up if needed.

For teens over 16, light makeup can be acceptable. However, we highly recommend using a professional hair and makeup artist who specializes in actor headshots to ensure that the makeup enhances your teen's natural features without aging them. We have an experienced and skilled artist available in our studio who understands these nuances and can provide this service.

My child is shy. How do you handle this?

Jeremy's approach is child-friendly. He takes the time to get to know your child and create a fun, relaxed atmosphere to make them feel comfortable. His goal is to capture genuine expressions and high energy levels

What if my child gets tired during the session?

The comfort of your child is Jeremy's top priority. If your child needs to take a break during the session, that's not a problem.

Can I be present during my child's headshot session?

Absolutely! Jeremy encourages parents to be present during the session. This often helps children feel more comfortable.

My child has special needs (such as autism). How does Jeremy accommodate for this?

Jeremy prides himself on his ability to work empathetically with all children, including those with special needs. His patient and inclusive approach ensures that children of all backgrounds and abilities can feel comfortable and safe during their session. Jeremy believes every child deserves to have their unique personality and talent captured beautifully, and he's committed to making that happen for your child. Please feel free to discuss any specific accommodations your child may need during your pre-session consultation.