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You’ve been putting everything you have into your extended health care education, and you're almost ready to apply for residency. We know the quality of your ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service) residency headshot matters.

We help you stand out with a captivating residency headshot that takes you from another option to “the” option in the eyes of ERAS directors and hospitals.

Whether your health speciality is internal medicine, family medicine, dermatology, radiology, or another specialty, a high quality residency headshot will help show your confidence, authenticity and likability, so you land one of your top choices for residency. We offer a special discounted rate for the ERAS residency headshot and understand the ERAS photo requirements.

Our Clients Have Earned Residency With:

Fact: your Residency Headshot is the first thing A Residency Director sees.

Aside from your stellar academic credentials, the residency headshot is the most important part of your ERAS application package.

Residency directors will zero in on your residency headshot to determine if you are likable, credible, trustworthy, dedicated and confident. Most of all, they will use your photo to determine how serious you are.

You can either make a statement with a high quality residency headshot or blend in with everyone else.

Making people stand out is why Jeremy Bustin Photography exists. As Atlanta’s premier Headshot Photographer, we’ve helped thousands of business professionals harness the power of expertly-crafted headshots to make a killer first impression and grow their careers.

Because your residency headshot isn't just about a good picture.

It's an asset to jumpstart your career and open doors you never thought possible. From influencing residency directors, colleagues or peers —the right residency headshot becomes an advantage for years to come.

Best of all?

We do everything for you. Just show up and we’ll crush the rest.

Get Started

Just show up. We’ll do the rest.

You shouldn't have to stress about the details when getting your residency headshot taken. We make it super easy for you to book your session and get a great photo for your ERAS application.

Step 1: Book Session

Book your residency headshot session and fill out your pre-shoot form. We’ll strategize your shoot to exceed your goals. And then some.

Step 2: Choose Wardrobe

Bring several options. We’ll guide you to use the most flattering options to help you stand out from the crowd and make an amazing first impression.

Step 3: Shoot + Select

The fun part. Walk into our comfortable Atlanta studio, kick back and let us do the work. We’ll make you comfortable as you are directed through an effortless process.

Step 4: Stand Out

Once selected, we’ll get your ERAS residency headshot to you within 24 hours so you can start leveraging the power of headshots that help you stand out.

Hi, I’m Jeremy. I want to see you win that dream residency.

I am proud of the work you've accomplished and want to help you take that next step.

Your residency headshot is a critical part of the application that is often overlooked. The fact that you are here is a great sign that you want to invest in a higher quality headshot than many of your peers.

Ask any residency director, and they'll tell you the ERAS application process is littered with average headshots. You'll have a leg up with my NY-studio inspired, modern headshots that show you in the most flattering light. I showcase the best of what you have to offer as I guide you through a fun, engaging experience that feels effortless and authentically “you.”

The fact is: you already have a stunning headshot inside of you. It’s my job to bring it out.

Unlike most professional headshot photographers, I dig into your goals before you step foot in my studio and get clear on how you’ll come across. Whether confident, authentic, genuine, captivating, trustworthy or anything in between —we bring it to life in a stress-free and fun way.

With a dual career in both acting and as a public relations professional, I know exactly how visuals tell a story and how to coach you for that natural, engaging look. Even if you “hate” taking pictures.

So, what does this mean for you?

You’ll experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your digital presence stands out amongst the rest.

To your success,

Founder, Jeremy Bustin Photography