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Five Reasons It May Be Time For New Acting Headshots

If you are not getting as many auditions or opportunities as you’d hoped, then it may be time to invest in better acting headshots that will work for you.

Four Reasons You Need to Go to an Actor Headshot Photographer

Finding an Actor Headshot Photographer is critical if you want to become an actor. Study photographers carefully and see if they truly know the industry. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money on headshots that won’t work for you.

ERAS Photo Requirements

Invest in a professional ERAS photo. Learn what you need for an ERAS application photo that captivates ERAS program directors.

What Makes Great Children's Headshots

If a child wants to get into acting, they need professional headshots. Since children grow and change so quickly, their headshots should be updated regularly.

What is an ERAS Headshot

Jeremy Bustin is a professional ERAS headshot photographer and can provide just the headshot you need.

Let’s Talk About ‘Type’ Casting

Actor Headshots are not about matching an actor to a certain “type.” They are about giving someone a glimpse of your personality and who you truly are. Avoid “dressing up in costume” for a “type of role” that could make you look amateur and far from a real, working, professional actor.

High-Quality Medical Headshots

Enhance your online presence and build trust with your patients with high quality doctor medical headshots.

What’s a Slate Shot and Why Should I Care?

This is one of the best questions you could ask because a Slate Shot in your Actors Access profile is a game changer. Everyone who submits via Actors Access or other casting sites should have at least one Slate Shot in their profiles.